Saturday , August 18 2018
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Flight secrets: Female attendants still have to abide by this rule from the 1960s | Travel News | Travel

Flight attendants are not only required to carry out their jobs efficiently but also look highly presentable while serving plane customers. They have to follow numerous rules regarding their appearance and some of them date back to the heyday of travel. Female cabin crew have to wear lipstick and blusher …

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Google Maps: Murderer Jimmy Boyle created this chilling sight in Scotland | Travel News | Travel

Google Maps’ satellite function Google Earth photographed a sinister sight from up high in Edinburgh, Scotland. It’s a man made of stone lying spread-eagled on the grass, one arm above his head. Its limbs appear to be dissected too with several chunks sitting apart from each other. If the mysterious figure wasn’t …

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London Luton airport revealed to be the best airport in London | Travel News | Travel

London Luton airport has been named the best airport in London, according to a new study. Six main London airports were examined in the research and given a percentage rating based on flight delays, queueing times, travel fares and connection times. London bus tour operator The Original Tour analysed data from …

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Ryanair cancelled flights: Irish German Dutch Belgian Swedish pilot strike full list | Travel News | Travel

Ryanair has been forced to cancel hundreds of flights today (10 August) due to pilot strike action, with 396 routes affected in five countries. Pilot unions in Ireland announced their plan to strike for the fifth time in as many weeks. This was shortly followed by Belgium and Sweden, with …

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