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Cancer symptoms: What is aggressive blood condition leukaemia? | Health | Life & Style

Acute myeloid leukaemia (AML) is a cancer of the white blood cells, according to the NHS. The cancer is very aggressive and usually requires immediate treatment. The condition is caused by stem cells producing too many young white blood cells. The white blood cells aren’t developed enough to fight infections, …

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Weather forecast warning UK: Snow could trigger symptoms of this painful condition | Health | Life & Style

Temperatures in Britain have taken a sharp dip today and officials have warned the elderly and those with health conditions take extra care. The outlook for the weather this week shows temperatures struggle to get above freezing as bone-chilling winds sweep in from the Russian Arctic. While many will be …

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Prostate cancer signs and symptoms: Test and treatment for Stephen Fry’s condition | Health | Life & Style

The NHS lists the following symptoms: Needing to urinate more frequently, often during the night Needing to rush to the toilet Difficulty in starting to pee (hesitancy) Straining or taking a long time while urinating Weak flow Feeling that your bladder has not emptied fully Do you have to have …

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