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Flight secrets: Female attendants still have to abide by this rule from the 1960s | Travel News | Travel

Flight attendants are not only required to carry out their jobs efficiently but also look highly presentable while serving plane customers. They have to follow numerous rules regarding their appearance and some of them date back to the heyday of travel. Female cabin crew have to wear lipstick and blusher …

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MH370 cover-up: What happened to Malaysia Airlines flight – Conspiracy theories and more | World | News

A report into the disappearance of flight MH370 did little to answer questions (Image: EPA) Flight MH370 dramatically vanished more than four years ago, along with the 239 people onboard the doomed jet. Since that fateful day, relatives of those missing have faced an agonising wait for answers as to what …

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MH370 report: All FOUR emergency locator devices on Malaysian Airlines flight FAILED | World | News

The now infamous Boeing 777 aircraft carrying 239 people disappeared on its way to Beijing from Kuala Lumpur on March 8, 2014 – sparking one of the world’s greatest unsolved aviation mysteries. All commercial aircraft carry Emergency Locator Transmitters designed to automatically switch-on when a plane is in distress. However, …

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Inspirational flight crew stories of Neerja Bhanot, Barbara Jane Harrison and Sully | Travel News | Travel

The aviation industry recently recorded the safest year on record, with 2017 having no commercial fatalities. According to Aviation Safety Network and Dutch aviation consulting firm To70, the fatal accident rate is one for every 16 million flights. Despite this, a number of shocking tales in the past have revealed …

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Flight secrets: Chef Jason Atherton reveals Jude Law’s tip to make plane food taste better | Travel News | Travel

Plane food is famously quite bland and often attracts a lot of complaints from airline passengers. Thankfully, English celebrity chef Jason Atherton has a top tip to make sure your next in flight meal tastes much better – and he stole the idea from fellow Brit and famous actor Jude Law. …

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Flight secrets: Cabin crew reveal passengers who do this before takeoff could delay plane | Travel News | Travel

And now a flight attendant has revealed there is one thing any unsuspecting passenger could do which would delay the plane. But it isn’t sinister behaviour, and in fact is something every does without thinking. Going to the toilet on a plane which is waiting to takeoff will delay the …

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