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BREXIT REVEALED: Five EU industries could be devastated by no-deal | UK | News

This week, the details of 80 planning notices set to be released by the UK Government’s no-deal preparations team emerged. With talks hanging finely in the balance, the Department for Exiting the European Union is hoping to inform British business of the potential impact of a no-deal. The European Commission’s …

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Brexit news: Will YOU have to pay HUGE fees to use your mobile in the EU after Brexit? | UK | News

In June 2017, the European Union scrapped roaming charges for mobile users when they travel to another European country, meaning they could use the monthly minutes, text messages and web allowances they pay for abroad at no extra cost. For UK users, the cost had been considerable – an estimated …

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BALI EARTHQUAKE: UK tourist reveals TERRIFYING ESCAPE from Lombok Island | World | News

Tamsin Parker told boats were cancelled for weeks before the 7.0 earthquake, adding to the chaos when visitors and locals tried to flee the island after the quake. Ms Parker, 34, also witnessed confused authorities and over-stretched rescue resources becoming swamped as a series of largely unreported subsequent earthquakes …

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Brexit news: Stalemate EXPLODES as Leavers turn on Theresa May | UK | News

Leaked information from Brussels suggested the EU’s negotiating team have already rejected the Prime Minister’s blueprint for free trade in goods between the EU and the UK after Brexit. And relations between the two sides were further soured by allegations that EU officials were bugged by British security services to …

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German A Level EXTINCTION? Chinese MORE POPULAR with UK students | World | News

Experts expressed their concerns in the declining popularity of the A level language, with fewer students studying subjects like French, Spanish, and German. However, more students have instead chosen to take up Mandarin Chinese, new data revealed today, making it the only A level language that has seen an increase …

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UK tsunami WARNING: Devon and Cornwall hit with alert – ‘worst-case prediction NOT ENOUGH’ | UK | News

According to historians, tsunamis have hit the south-west corner of the UK twice before and caused a large number of deaths – with historical journals and evidence suggesting that UK tsunamis are more than just the stuff of legend. The first hit in the 11th century, when it was thought …

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