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WATCH: Baggage handler at Honolulu Airport throws suitcases from plane | Travel News | Travel

A viral video has captured the moment a baggage handler risks damaging luggage from a plane.

In the video, filmed at Honolulu Airport, the woman is seen grabbing bags and hurling them down the chute from the plane.

They bounce down at speed thanks to being thrown onto it carelessly.

It happens a few times with thankfully no bags appearing to be damaged, although the contents are unknown.

The woman filming was shocked to see the way they were being handled after boarding a different plane at the airport.

Vanessa Marsh, a Courier-Mail reporter, filmed the incident as she boarded a plane to Phoenix.

She tweeted: “The mystery of all my broken suitcases is solved — this is the ground crew at Honolulu loading up a @HawaiianAir flight to Phoenix.”

The video has since been viewed over 28,000 times, with many shocked also. Hawaiian Air, the airline affected, commented on the problem.

They tweeted Ms Marsh: “Aloha Vanessa, we’re very sorry to see this and appreciate you bringing it to our attention.

“The way these bags were handled is not acceptable and our Airport Operations Management team is addressing this situation. Thank you.” has contacted the airline for comment regarding the baggage handler’s actions.

One Twitter user wrote: “As I was scrolling my feed I was thinking about putting my MacBook in my checked bag this afternoon… then I saw this.”

Another user had also had a bad experience: “And this is why my $900 suitcase has had the wheels replaced twice after coming off the baggage carousels.

“It has one of the highest durability ratings but can only take so much rough stuff.

Others defended the airline, stating: “That’s actually not that bad. This is one of the best airlines in the world.”

It isn’t the first instance of baggage handlers being caught out damaging suitcases.

A Thomas Cook baggage handler was caught throwing suitcases onto a plane whilst in Gatwick.

The same problem happened in Ibiza Airport when luggage  was thrown into the air.

Japan had a much different way of dealing with the bags.

A baggage handler can be seen polishing and cleaning them as they came out on the conveyor belt.

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